CTET 2011 Question Paper-2 with Answer

CTET 2011 Question Paper-2 with Answer

Q42. What problems did shifting cultivators face under the British rule?

(a) Exploitation

(b) The decline in their agricultural production

(c) Their movement was restricted

(d) Unemployment

Q43. What was the main reason behind the destruction of Somnath temple by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni?

(a) He wanted to build a palace there

(b) He did not like the architecture of the temple

(c) He tried to win credit as a great hero of Islam

(d) He wanted to use the temple for some other purpose

Q44. During the medieval period in India, temples were regarded as a hub of

(a) architecture

(b) cultural activities

(c) extensive foreign trade

(d) Sufi movement

Q45. In Bengal, temples and other religious structures were often built by individuals or groups who were becoming powerful in order to

(a) ensure that they did good ‘karma’

(b) demonstrate a marvel of architecture to the society

(c) add value to the surroundings

(d) demonstrate their power, proclaim their piety and gain followers

Q46. A system of structure and practice in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women is called

(a) Hierarchy

(b) Fascism

(c) Monarchy

(d) Patriarchy

Q47. Which of the following statements is not an objective of social advertising?

(a) To change attitudes and mindset, as people influence people

(b) To target social networks and social groups

(c) To advertise products on social networking sites for personal commercial value

(d) To motivate members of the public to engage in voluntary social activity

Q48. Which of the following statements about ‘prasastis’ is an incorrect statement?

(a) The achievements of rulers or kings are described in ‘prasastis’.

(b) They were written by scholars/poets/ learned people for the purpose of praising the kings and earning their patronage.

(c) Usually, the kings themselves wrote them.

(d) They are valuable sources of the history of the period to which they belong.

Q49. What does PHC stand for?

(a) Private Health Centre

(b) Public Health Court

(c) Primary Health Centre

(d) Public Health Corporation

Q50. Which of the following is not a primary economic activity?

(a) Mining

(b) Agriculture

(c) Trading

(d) Fishing

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