Quantitative aptitude is an inseparable and an integral part of all competitive exams, entrance exam and placement exam in world. It tests the candidate’s quantitative skills along with logical and analytical skills in short time. One can test their own number handling techniques and quick problems solving skills with high accuracy by solving these questions.

Arithmetic or Aptitude test helps measure of an aspirant or a student numerical ability, problem solving and mathematical skills. Quantitative aptitude or arithmetic ability is found in almost all the competitive exams like UPSC, State PSC, SSC, RAIL, BANK, DEFENCE, CTET, etc. entrance exams CAT, GATE ,MAT, CET etc. and also placement exams of TCS, IBM, CTS etc.

Aptitude part made a crucial role for selecting competitive exams and placement exams or better rank for entrance exams. So, a candidates required lot of practice MCQ Questions for better marks or better score. To take control for this subject is not so easy. First you understand concept and then use tricky approach. Using tricky approach without concept is like a newbie climb mountain without trainee.

Here we discussed chapter wise concept, short trick, and MCQ Question with Details explanation which help an aspirant or a student for their preparation.

Arithmetic/Quantitative Aptitude MCQ Question And Answer

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