Spotting Errors or Common Errors MCQ Question and Answer

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DIRECTIONS(Qs. 71-80) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is  i.e. ‘No Error”, (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

Q71. (a) Inflation and shortages

(b) have made it very difficult for him

(c) to make his both ends meet

(d) No error

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: In ‘c’, the word ‘his’ is wrong. So, remove this word.

Q72. (a) If tomorrow is

(b) declared a holiday,

(c) we shall go

(d) to a picnic.

(e)  No Error

 Answer: (d)

Explanation: Here, for a picnic should be used.

Q73. (a) My grandfather used

(b) to go

(c) for a walk

(d) every morning.

(e) No Error

 Answer: (e) No Error

Q74. (a) The blast from

(b) the explosion

(c) knocked the factory worker

(d) to unconsciousness.

(e) No Error

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: Here, The burst from should be used. The words blast and explosion are synonymous.

Q75. (a) Raju found it difficult

(b) to explain

(c) his final exam marks

(d) to his parents.

(e) No Error

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: Here, to reveal should be used.

Q76. (a) My friend become

(b) terribly upset

(c) after losing her purse

(d) at the supermarket.

(e) No Error

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: The event shows past time. Hence, Simple Past i.e. My friend became …… should be used.

Q77. (a) I am learning English

(b) for ten years

(c) without much effect

(d) No error

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: Being present perfect continuous tense, replace ‘am’ with have been.

Q78. (a) Krupa and Kavya studied

(b)  in the Delhi Public School

(c) and so does Kamya

(d ) No Error.

 Answer: (d ) No Error

Q79. (a) The road

(b) to famous monument

(c) passes through a forest

(d) No error

 Answer: Answer: (b) to the famous monument

Explanation: Add ‘the’ before ‘famous’, ‘the’ is used before particular objects.

Q80. (a) Our Housing Society comprises of

(b) six blocks and

(c) thirty three flats in an

(d) area of about thousand sq. meters

(e) No error

 Answer: (d) area of about a thousand sq. meters

Explanation: Add ‘a’ before thousand

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