Spotting Errors or Common Errors MCQ Question and Answer

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 61-70): In the following questions, a sentence has been divided into four parts and marked a, b, c and d. One of these parts contains a mistake in grammar Idiom or syntax. Identify that part and mark it as the answer.

Q61. (a) John as well as

(b) his brother

(c) were

(d) present.

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: ‘As well as ‘is followed by a singular verb so it should be was present

Q62. (a) Both the brothers

(b) are extremely

(c) fond of

(d) one another.

 Answer: (d)

Explanation: In case of ‘both ‘we use ‘each other’ in place of ‘one another’

Q63. (a) Of the two schemes

(b) put forward by the Government

(c) I think this is the one

(d) most likely to succeed.

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: It should be ‘out of the two schemes’. This is the one more likely.

Q64. (a) The teacher asked

(b) the students

(c) that why many of them

(d) had come without book.

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: Remove ‘that’ before ‘why’

Q65. (a) My choice

(b) is quite

(c) different from

(d) yours.

 Answer: (d)

Explanation: Your’s or that of your.

Q66. (a) Boys study in order

(b) that they could

(c) earn their

(d) livelihood.

 Answer: (b) that replaced with to

Explanation: It should be ‘in order to’

Q67. (a) The man

(b) who was

(c) killed he was

(d) my cousin.

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: ‘he’ is superflous, omit it.

Q68. (a) I was promoted

(b) to the post of principal though

(c) I was junior than

(d) all the other members of the staff.

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: It should be ‘junior to’

Q69. (a) The manager of the bank

(b) together with his

(c) staff have

(d) resigned.

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: Use ‘has’ in place of ‘have’

Q70. (a) It is amazing

(b) that how people

(c) are aware of the value

(d) of solitude and contemplation.

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: ‘that’ to be avoided as double contraction are not used in a singular clause.

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