Spotting Errors or Common Errors MCQ Question and Answer

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 31-40): In the following questions, a sentence has been divided into four parts and marked a, b, c and d. One of these parts contains a mistake in grammar Idiom or syntax. Identify that part and mark it as the answer.

Q31. (a) Which of the three puppies

(b) do you like better

(c) the white, the black

(d) or the brown one?

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: do you like best

The word ‘better is a Comparative Adjective The Superlative ‘best’ is used when more than two things (or sets of things) are compared.

Q32. (a) We have given up trying to reform him

(b) since we found that the more we advised him

(c) the least he was inclined

(d) even to listen to us

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: the less he was…

‘More’ is a comparative adjective and should be followed by the comparative form of ‘little’ (i.e. less) and not the superlative.

Q33. (a) India was the country whom

(b) everyone thought would win the hockey cup

(c) but, to the surprise of all,

(d) it was eliminated in the first round

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: ……the country which

The relative pronoun ‘which’ is used for things without life and for animals. It may refer to a singular or plural noun. Here it is introducing the defining adjective clause.

Q34. (a) Since neither my wife nor me

(b) was willing to go to the movie with her

(c) my daughter had to sit at home

(d) and just watch the TV

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: my wife nor I

Q35. (a) The Prime Minister declared emphatically

(b) in Parliament last week that

(c) his Government will not tolerate indiscipline

(d) in any public sector undertaking

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: his Government would not……

In indirect Speech ‘will’ is changed into ‘would’.

Q36. (a) The old movie shown today on the TV

(b) was better than any movie

(c) that had been shown

(d) during the last eight months

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: better than any other movie

When a comparison is instituted by means of a Comparative followed by than the thing compared must be always excluded from the class of things with which it is compared, by using other or some such words.

Q37. (a) Is it true, I would like to know

(b) that less persons die of snake-bites

(c) than of traffic accidents

(d) in this country at present

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: that fewer persons die….

She adjective ‘less’ refers to quantity and the adjective ‘few’ is used to denote number.

Q38. (a) The student, who the friends have nicknamed

(b) Jolly John, bunks classes often

(c) and goes to movies even after

(d) repeated warnings by the teacher

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: The student, whom the ……

The relative pronoun ‘whom’ is used with the Accusative and the relative pronoun ‘who’ with the Nominative. When a pronoun or, noun) is used as the Subject al a verb if a raid to be in the Nominative case and when it is used as the Object of a verb it is said to be in the Accusative Case. To find the Nominative, put ‘Who/What’ before the verb and to find the Accusative put ‘Whom/What’ before the verb and its subject.

Q39. (a) Whenever I see a movie that

(b) has a tragic ending,

(c) I feel badly for at least two more days

(d) and so I avoid them

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: I feel bad for at ……

Some adverbs have two forms, the form ending in – ly and the form which is the same as the adjective.

For e.g. He sings very loud. He sings very loudly.

The word ‘bad’ is appropriate in the sentence given.

Q40. (a) Though I take coffee or tea,

(b) whichever is offered,

(c) I consider coffee more preferable

(d) if I am given a choice

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: I consider coffee preferable to tea

The word ‘preferable’ has the force of a Comparative (Hence the Comparative’ more’ is redundant) and is generally followed by the preposition ‘to’.

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