Spotting Errors or Common Errors MCQ Question and Answer

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DIRECTIONS (Qs. 11-20): In the following questions, a sentence has been divided into four parts and marked a, b, c and d. One of these parts contains a mistake in grammar Idiom or syntax. Identify that part and mark it as the answer.

Q11. (a) Sita claimed that she had

(b) not only gone to Delhi

(c) but also to Agra

(d) and had seen the Taj Mahal

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: gone not only to Delhi

‘Not only – but also are correlative conjunctions and when used, should be followed by the same part of speech.

Q12. (a) The advertisement for the new detergent

(b) claimed that it was as effective

(c) if not more than

(d) washing soap in removing dirt from clothes

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: as effective as

Q13. (a) If you would have come earlier

(b) there would have been enough time

(c) for us to go to the movie

(d) which has been running to full-houses

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: If you had come earlier…

The past tense is to be used here.

Q14. (a) Nalini found it difficult

(b) to manage single-handedly the three children

(c) who were always quarrelling

(d) between themselves

 Answer: (d)

Explanation: among themselves.

The preposition ‘between’ is used when two things are considered whereas ‘among’ is used to qualify more than two things or people.

Q15. (a) Did he say he will

(b) bring the book tomorrow?

(c) He has been promising so

(d) for the past seven days

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: Did he say he would…

‘Would’ is used as the past equivalent of ‘will’ when reporting in Indirect Speech.

Q16. (a) The cost of food grains have increased

(b) so rapidly during the last two years

(c) that salaried classes find it difficult

(d) to save any part of their income

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: has increased….

Often, by what is called the “Error of Proximity”, the verb is made to agree in number with a noun near it instead of with its proper subject. This should be avoided.

Q17. (a) The train is unusually late today

(b) for it has been announced just now

(c) that it will arrive in a hour

(d) on platform number three

 Answer: (c)

Explanation: an hour.

‘An’ is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound.

Q18. (a) Fluosol is a transparency liquid

(b) that very much resembles water

(c) but in fact is twice

(d) as dense as water

 Answer: (a)

Explanation: ….is a transparent liquid.

The adjective ‘transparent’ is to be used here and not the noun ‘transparency’.

Q19. (a) Along the northern border of India

(b) is seen the Himalayas

(c) tall, mighty and majestic

(d) in their unique splendour

 Answer: (d)

Explanation: in its unique splendour.

The Himalayas is referred to as a singular noun.

Q20. (a) The next generation of commercial airplanes

(b) are expected to be faster

(c) less fuel-thirsty and

(d) more fully computerized than the present one

 Answer: (b)

Explanation: is expected to be faster

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