Mathematics and Pedagogy MCQ Question

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Mathematics and Pedagogy MCQ Question with Answer


Q31. A bicycle originally cost Rs. 100 and was discounted 10%. After three months it was sold after being discounted 15%. How much was the bicycle sold for ?

(a) Rs. 55.50

(b) Rs. 95.25

(c) Rs. 76.50

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Rs. 76.50

Solution: Sold price of by-cycle = $100\times \frac{\left( 100-10 \right)}{100}\times \frac{\left( 100-15 \right)}{100}=76.50$

Trick: Sold price after x%, y%, z% successive discount

= $\mathrm{C}.\mathrm{P}\times \frac{\left( 100-\mathrm{x} \right)}{100}\times \frac{\left( 100-\mathrm{y} \right)}{100}\times \frac{\left( 100-\mathrm{z} \right)}{100}$

Q32. Which of the following fraction is the smallest?

$\frac{7}{6}, \frac{7}{9}, \frac{4}{5}, \frac{5}{7}
\left( \mathrm{a} \right) \,\,\frac{7}{6}
\left( \mathrm{b} \right) \,\,\frac{7}{9}
\left( \mathrm{c} \right) \,\,\frac{4}{5}
\left( \mathrm{d} \right) \,\,\frac{5}{7}$

Answer: $\left( \mathrm{d} \right) \,\,\frac{5}{7}$

Solution: LCM of 6, 9, 5, 7 = 630;

Now $630\times \frac{7}{6}=735$ ;

$630\times \frac{7}{9}=490$;

$630\times \frac{4}{5}=504$;

$630\times \frac{5}{7}=450$ (Smallest)



Q33. Which of the following fraction represent the given figure?


(a) $2\frac{1}{3}$

(b) $2\frac{2}{3}$

(c) $2\frac{1}{2}$

(d) $3\frac{1}{3}$


Answer: (c) $2\frac{1}{2}$

Solution: $1+1+\frac{1}{2}=\frac{5}{2}=1\frac{1}{2}$

Q34. LCM of two numbers is 225 and their HCF is 5. If one number is 25, the other number will be:

(a) 5

(b) 25

(c) 45

(d) 225

Answer: (c) 45

Solution: X = $\frac{\mathrm{HCF}\times \mathrm{LCM}}{\mathrm{Given} \mathrm{Number}}
=\frac{5\times 225}{25}=45$

Q35. Simplify: $1+\frac{2}{1+\frac{3}{1+\frac{4}{5}}}$

(a) $\frac{7}{4}$

(b) $\frac{4}{7}$

(c) $\frac{7}{5}$

(d) $\frac{3}{7}$


Answer: (a) $\frac{7}{4}$

Solution: 1st ⇒ $1+\frac{4}{5}=\frac{9}{4}$;

2nd ⇒ $1+\frac{3\times 5}{9}=\frac{8}{3}$;

3rd ⇒ $1+\frac{2\times 3}{8}=\frac{7}{7}$

Q36. If the average marks of three batches of 55, 60 and 45 students respectively is 50, 55 and 60, then the average marks of all the students is :

(a) 54.68

(2) 53.33

(b) 55

(c) None of these

Answer: (a) 54.68

Solution: The required average mark

= $\frac{55\times 50+60\times 55+45\times 60}{55+60+45}=54.6875$


Q37. A milkman bought 70 liters of milk for Rs. 630 and added 5 liters of water. If he sells it at Rs. 9.00 per liter, his profit percentage is :

(a) 8%

(b) 7%

(c) 8%

(d) $7\frac{1}{7}$%

Answer: (d) $7\frac{1}{7}$%


CP of 75 liters of mixture of milk and water = 630

SP of 75 liters of mixture of milk and water = 9 × 75 = 675

Gain = 675 – 630 = 45 Gain per cent = $\frac{45}{630}\times 100=7\frac{1}{7}$

Q38. The nature of mathematics is

(a) Ornamental

(b) Logical

(c) Difficult

(d) Not for common

Answer: (b) Logical

Q39.Which point is not included in the professional skills of a teacher ?

(a) Knowledge of self

(b) to experiment well

(c) Dedication

(d) Satisfactory knowledge of social matter

Answer: (d) Satisfactory knowledge of social matter

Q40. The most possibility of guessing is

(a) In the matching terms

(b) In true false terms

(c) In multiple choice terms

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) In true false terms

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