Environmental Studies and Pedagogy MCQ Question

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Environmental Studies and Pedagogy MCQ Question with Answer

Q31. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

(a) Biosphere — Eduard Suess

(b) Ecosystem — A.P. de Candolle

(c) Ecology — A.G. Tansley

(d) Biodiversity — Reiter

Answer: (a) Biosphere — Eduard Suess

Q32. Which of the following groups of gases contribute to the ‘Green House Effect?

(a) Ammonia and Ozone

(b) Carbon mono-oxide and Sulphur dioxide

(c) Carbon tetrafluoride and Nitrous oxide

(d) Carbon dioxide and Methane

Answer: (d) Carbon dioxide and Methane


Q33. Which one of the following is the correct definition of “ Agenda 21”?

(a) It is an action plan of the U.N.O for protecting human rights.

(b) It is a book of 21 chapters on nuclear disarmament.

(c) It is an action plan for sustainable development.

(d) It is an agenda for the election of the president in the next meeting of SAARC.

Answer: (c) It is an action plan for the sustainable development.

Q34. Environmental degradation means

(a) Overall lowering of environmental qualities.

(b) Adverse change brought in by human activities.

(c) Ecological imbalance

(d) All the above

Answer: (d) All the above

Q35. In case of a parasitic food chain, the shape of the pyramid of number is always:

(a) Upright

(b) Linear

(c) Inverted

(d) Not certain

Answer: (c) Inverted

Q36. What per cent of the area in the plain should be under forest?

(a) 21 %

(b) 25%

(c) 17%

(d) 33%

Answer: (d) 33%


Q37. What does the high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) indicate?

(a) High level of Microbial Pollution

(b) Low level of Microbial Pollution

(c) Absence of Microbial Pollution

(d) Water is fully pure

Answer: (a) High level of Microbial Pollution

Q38. Which of the following statement is incorrect about the Biosphere?

(a) The biosphere is a combination of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

(b) The biosphere is missing at the extreme of the north and south pole

(c) Organisms are uniformly present in Biosphere

(d) All of the above

Answer: (c) Organisms are uniformly present in Biosphere

Q39. Chipko Movement occurred in which of the following regions?

(a) Tribal areas of MP

(b) Rural area of Rajasthan

(c) Tehri Garhwal

(d) Darjeeling region

Answer: (c) Tehri Garhwal


Q40. The concept of biodiversity hotspots is given by :

(a) F.P. Odum

(b) Norman Myers

(c) James Lovelock

(d) Rachel Carson

Answer: (b) Norman Myers

Q41. Pick up the correct food chain

(a) grass → chamelion → insect → bird

(b) grass → fox → rabbit → bird

(c) phytoplankton → zooplankton → fish

(d) fallen leaves → bacteria → insect larvae.

Answer: (c) phytoplankton → zooplankton → fish

Q42. The Ministry of Environment and Forest declared India’s first marine eco-sensitive zone in –

(a) Gulf of Kutch

(b) Palk Strait

(c) Gulf of Khambat

(d) Gulf of Mannar

Answer: (a) Gulf of Kutch

Q43. The largest number of Tiger Reserves are located in :

(a) Karnataka

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) West Bengal

Answer: (c) Madhya Pradesh


Q44. The word ‘ecology’ (Ökologie) was coined in 1866 by :

(a) Charles Darwin

(b)  Robert Whittaker

(c) Arthur Tansley

(d) Ernst Haeckel

Answer: (d) Ernst Haeckel

Q45. In Nitrogen Cycle, soil nitrates are transformed into free nitrogen by:

(a) Nitrifying bacteria

(b) Denitrifying bacteria

(c) Ammonifying bacteria

(d) Both (a) and (c)

Answer: (b) Denitrifying bacteria

Q46. What is the basic unit of society?

(a) Men

(b) Women

(c) Children

(d) Family

Answer: (d) Family

Q47. Which of the following statement are true?

  1. Algae contain chlorophyll.
  2. Algae can prepare their own food.
  3. Algae do not require water for photosynthesis.
  4. Algae need oxygen as raw material for photosynthesis.

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 3 and 4

(c) 1 and 4

(d) 2 and 3

Answer: (a) 1 and 2


Q48. A biochemical compound that readily combines with oxygen and distributes it throughout the human body is

(a) Chlorine

(b) Urea

(c) Hemoglobin

(d) Water

Answer: (c) Hemoglobin


Q49. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) Ocean constitute the largest amount of water on the Earth approximately 97% of total water

(b) Mostly the river drains into the ocean or sea

(c) Groundwater forms the source of freshwater

(d) Glacier and ice caps constitute 1 % of all freshwater present on the earth

Answer: (d) Glacier and ice caps constitutes 1 % of all freshwater present on the earth


Q50. Which of the animal lives in a sty?

(a) Pig

(b) Hen

(c) Dog

(d) Sheep

Answer: (a) Pig

Q51. People used to travel because of

  1. Employment and Education
  2. to mitigate disaster.
  3. for treatment of disease
  4. to enjoy

(a) 1 and 4

(b) 2 and 3

(c) 1, 2 and 4

(d) All of these

Answer:  (d) All of these


Q52. Which of the following is incorrect?

(a) Gasses that have fixed volume does not change with pressure

(b) Liquids have an only definite volume

(c) Solid have fixed shapes and fixed volume

(d) Expansion is rare in solid and liquid and it is observed in gas very commonly

Answer: (a) Gasses have fixed volume does not change with pressure


Q53. Biodiversity includes which of the following things?

  1. Micro-organisms
  2. Plants
  3. Animals
  4. Wood

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 2 and 3

(c) 1, 2 and 3

(d) all of these

Answer: (c) 1, 2 and 3

Q54. Among the following statement regarding EVS which is incorrect?

(a) EVS primarily deals with the study of biodiversity

(b) EVS is an interdisciplinary subject

(c) EVS should be started mandatory at a higher level of school education also

(d) EVS should be started at a very primary level

Answer: (a) EVS primarily deals with study of bio-diversity


Q55. Changes in the behaviour due to experience is called

(a) Learning

(b) Understanding

(c) Both a and b

(d) None of the above

Answer: (c) Both a and b


Q56. Which of the following type of forest occupies the largest area in India?

(a) Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest

(b) Sub-tropical Dry Everblue Forest

(c) Montane Wet Temperate Forest

(d) Tropical Wet Everblue Forest

Answer: (a) Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest


Q57. Which of the following is the first National Park of India?

(a) Periyar

(b) Sundarban

(c) Jim Corbett

(d) Bandipur

Answer: (c) Jim Corbett


Q58. The environment is related to which of the following subject?

(a) Geology

(b) Atmosphere

(c) Hydrology

(d) All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above


Q59. Which layer of the atmosphere is also called Ozonosphere?

(a) Troposphere

(b) Stratosphere

(c).  Mesosphere

(d)  Exosphere

Answer: (b) Stratosphere


Q60. Which of the following is responsible for turning the yellow Taj Mahal?
(a) Nitrogen dioxide
(b) Sulphur
(c) Chlorine
(d) Sulphur dioxide

Answer: (d) Sulphur dioxide


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