Classification: Reasoning MCQ Question with Answer

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Classification MCQ Question with Explanation Answer


Direction (Qs.21 to 30): A group of five words are given in each question. Choose the odd one out.

Q21. (a) Hydrogen

(b) Oxygen

(c) Iodine

(d) Nitrogen

(e) Check

Answer: (c)

Explanation: Iodine is liquid where as rest are gases.

Q22. (a) Pupil

(b) Iris

(c) Cornea

(d) Medulla

(e) Retina

Answer: (d)

Explanation: Medulla is the part of brain, where as others are part of eyes.

Q23. (a) Sword

(b) Knife

(c) Shovel

(d) Saw

(e) Axe

Answer: (c)

Explanation: Shovel is a tool for digging the ground. Rest are cutting tools.

Q24. (a) Collection

(b) Compilation

(c) Cluster

(d) Assortment

(e) Assemble

Answer: (c)

Explanation: All denotes collection of selected items, except Cluster.

Q25. (a) Mustard

(b) Sesame

(c) Corn

(d) Olive

(e) Onion

Answer: (e)

Explanation: All are oil seeds except onion.

Q26. (a) Birbal

(b) Abul Fazal

(c) Tansen

(d) Faiz Ahmed

(e) Todar Mal

Answer: (d)

Explanation: All except Faiz Ahmed were among the nine gems in Akbar’s court.

Q27. (a) Jumping

(b) Running

(c) Sprinting

(d) Jogging

(e) Exercising

Answer: (e)

Explanation: All others are different forms of exercising

Q28. (a) Madagascar

(b) Thailand

(c) Cuba

(d) Greenland

(e) Tasmania

Answer: (b)

Explanation: All except Thailand are islands.

Q29. (a) Collection

(b) Compilation

(c) Cluster

(d) Assemblage

(e) Assortment

Answer: (c)

Explanation: All except Cluster denote collection of selected items


(a) Capsicum

(b) Pineapple

(c) Cherry

(d) Strawberry

(e) Plum

Answer: (a)

Explanation: All except Capsicum are fruits.

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